Going With Bob Hairstyles Weave

I have been wanting to change my hairstyle for a long time now and I finally did it. I decided to go with a bob hairstyles weave. It was something I saw in a magazine and something my long time hairdresser was able to do for me.

I am loving the way my new hair makes me feel. I think I look younger now which is great. I love to feel like I look young. I was nervous about making such a big change but it has been a good thing.

I have worked with my hairdresser for years now. I found her when I first moved into the city which was great. I thought it would take a while to find someone but I met her through a friend. She did my hair for the first time and I loved her. I have never been to anyone else since.

When I first decided I wanted to change my hair I went to her to see what she would say. She thought it was a great idea and gave me a bunch of magazines to look through. I took them home and stayed up a few hours later to look through them.

26 Attractive Short Weave HairstylesCute Weave Bob Hairstyles

That was when I came up with the bob hairstyles weave and I brought it to her. She told me she could do my hair just like that and she started working on my hair. After she was done I was very happy to see what she did.

I went home and showed my boyfriend. He loved it. I was worried he wouldn’t like it since he always talked about my long hair. We decided to go out to dinner that night to show off my new style. I had a few people stop and tell me how much they liked it.

I think I will keep this style for quite a while. It looks great with my face and makes me feel good. I wish I would have done it years ago.

When it comes to my hair I am always afraid to make a big change. It takes me a while to get up the nerve to do it. Once I do it I feel like it was the best decision and wonder why I was so worried about it.

When you get your hair cut differently and change your style, a lot of people really notice. It is fun to have that type of attention. It can really help you stand out and become your own person.

It was fun to look through all those magazines and imagining what I would look like with each of them. Some of the looks I liked but I just didn;t think they would work with the way my face is. Then I came across the bobs and I knew that was the answer for me. I have already taken a took of photos of myself so that once my hair grows back and I can see what I looked like when I made this change.

Quick Weave Bob Sew In - Toya Carter Short Bob

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Going With Bob Hairstyles Weave

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