JLo Hairstyles 2017 You Can Do At Home

Jennifer Lopez is known the world over for her ever changing good looks. Her hair always looks stunning, and she remains a fashion icon for the world. If you are ready to change your look and want to style your hair like her, read on for JLo hairstyles 2017, you can create at home.

Straight And Stunning

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning with straight hair and so can you. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or wavy, you can quickly straighten it at home with a flat iron. Make sure your hair is clean and washed and applied some heat protector to your hair, so the high heat from the flat iron doesn’t damage your hair.

You can then take the flat iron and straighten your hair. Start from the roots and slowly work your way down to the ends. Do this a small section at a time until all your hair is stick straight. You will look amazing and just like JLo.

Try An Updo

Jennifer Lopez’s hair looks amazing when it is in an updo. Whether she goes for a basic bun or a curled knot, her hair always looks special. You can get this look yourself. One easy way to make a bun is to buy a bun maker. Just curl your hair around it, and you have a neat looking bun with little effort.

A curled updo is also easy to pull off. Just pull your hair into a ponytail and divide it into three sections. Curl each section and pin it on the crown of your head. You will look just like JLo when you do this.

Sexy Bangs

Jennifer Lopez knows how to work her bangs, and you can work them too when you know how to get her look. This look requires a visit to the hairdresser, however, because you will need to have long bangs cut. Here is what you can do after you have your bangs taken care of.

The key is to make your bangs look messy, so take some product and lightly scrunch your bangs, so they have a little bit of wave to them. They will look messy, but super sexy and trendy. Maybe you can pull them off as good as JLo does!

Add Some Blonde Highlights

JLo is the queen of highlights because they make your hair look beautiful and add depth and life to it. Best of all, you can do your highlights at home. First, you will want to buy a highlighting kit.

JLo loves blonde highlights, so you will want to stick with a blonde color. Just follow the instructions on the kit, and you will soon have some sexy highlights. Look at pictures of JLo’s hair so you will know where to place your new highlights.

JLo hairstyles 2017 are both fun and sexy. Spice up your look and try some of her hairstyles for yourself. They are easy to emulate, and you will look great with them.

Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyles

Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyles

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Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyles 2017

Jennifer Lopez Updo Hairstyles 2017

JLo Hairstyles 2017 You Can Do At Home

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