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A top doctor has alleged for warnings to be put on the advanced of beard dye packs because they accommodate chemicals that can account austere allergic reactions, which in about-face could prove fatal.

A above analysis for the European Commission has begin 36 beard dye chemicals ‘may not be safe for use’ and that consumers are not ‘effectively protected’.

Since 2011, two British women accept died in cases affiliated to the dyes, which are acclimated by millions anniversary year. Leading cosmetics companies including L’Oreal and Clairol use potentially alarming compounds in array of their beard dyes.

A analysis by the EU begin that 36 beard dye chemicals may not be safe for use

Dr Ian White, a dermatologist at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, undertook the best absolute analysis of the chemicals yet.

His address for the EC’s Accurate Committee on Consumer Assurance (SCCS) articular 36 chemicals that are potentially ‘extreme’ or ‘strong’ bark sensitisers – acceptation they could activate allergies. These ‘may not be safe’, he concluded.

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The ones best acceptable to advance to a acknowledgment are ‘permanent’ chemicals acclimated to colour beard amber or atramentous for up to six weeks.

One medium-brown dye in Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy ambit contains six such compounds, The Mail on Sunday has found. Allergic reactions to these chemicals can accommodate afire sensations, an acquisitive scalp, flaking bark and rashes. In attenuate cases they can account the face to cool up, beard accident and breath problems.

Dr Ian White has alleged for assurance instructions to be printed on the advanced of packets of beard dye to ensure they are read

Since November 2011, manufacturers accept had to abode warnings on the ancillary of beard dye packs beneath European Union regulations. These say that anniversary time a being dyes their hair, they should backpack out an abhorrence application analysis beforehand.

But Dr White believes the warnings are not arresting enough.

‘The new admonishing is on the side,’ he told The Mail on Sunday. ‘It doesn’t hit you in the face like a cigarette admonishing does. We charge to accomplish the warnings explicit. Consumers are not as finer adequate as they should be.’

The beard dye industry is account millions of pounds in the UK, with dyes acclimated 100 million times a year in homes and salons. Clairol Natural Instincts Crema Keratina Hair Color …

Yet the European Commission estimates that amid one in 50 and one in 100 bodies who use beard dyes ache from an allergic acknowledgment to them at some point.

The beard dye industry is account millions of pounds in the UK, with dyes acclimated 100¿million times a year in homes and salons

An analysis by this bi-weekly begin Clairol’s Nice ’n Easy Natural Medium Amber dye contains six of the chemicals on the SCCS account of those that ability not be safe.

L’Oreal Excellence Crème Natural Mahogany Amber contains three, while its Garnier Nutrisse Crème Dark Golden Amber artefact includes two.

In 2011, Julie McCabe, 38, a mother of two from Keighley, West Yorkshire, was taken to hospital adversity from breath problems that started while she was dying her beard application L’Oreal’s

Preference. She suffered affection abortion and academician damage, and spent a year in a blackout afore dying aftermost November.

The antecedent month, 17-year-old Tabatha McCourt, from Airdrie in Lanarkshire, started airsickness and burst afterwards colouring her hair. She after died in hospital.

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In neither case was it accurate that chemicals in the dyes were to blame. However, claimed abrasion attorneys say they are audition from far added consumers on the issue. 

One lawyer, who did not ambition to be named, said there had been a ‘massive increase’ in the cardinal of cases lately.

The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association, which represents beard dye manufacturers, said all dyes underwent all-encompassing assurance tests to prove they are not baneful or baleful and that the absolute warnings were sufficient.

A Clairol agent said millions of bodies acclimated beard dyes ‘without experiencing any adverse effects’, although she accustomed reactions could action ‘for a actual baby number’.

A L’Oreal agent said: ‘We are assured the warnings and admonition on our artefact packs are acceptable to acquaint bodies of the risks and they acutely accompaniment the accent of accustomed out an abhorrence analysis 48 hours afore application the colorant.’

An EC agent said it was not the job of their accurate admiral to behest how best to assure consumers. 

He said: ‘In general, beard dyes are safe. Only in attenuate cases can they account allergic reactions. To actuate an exact atom area the warnings should be placed seems asymmetric for a corrective product.’

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Seven Features Of Blue Black Hair Dye Clairol That Make Everyone Love It

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