Simple Black Hairstyles With Bangs

If you want to be fashionable, you have to change your hairstyle on a regular basis. You want to follow fashion magazines and stay up to date on all the latest trends. If you are looking for simple black hairstyles with bangs, read on to learn some fun styles that you can do at home.

The Flirty Ponytail

It is hard to resist a long ponytail with sexy bangs that are swept to the side. To create this look you need a curling iron and gel. Start by forming the ponytail. Use your gel to make the ponytail smooth and sit it high on your head.

Take your curling iron and style your bangs then use a finishing spray to keep them in place. This hairstyle will make your face look longer and it has a sleek look that is attractive. This hairstyle is also easy to execute.

High Twisted Bun With Bangs

Buns look elegant and they suit any type of face. You can wear them casually or for special events. Buns are also good for date nights. This bun has a little something special to offer because it is twisted and the simple bangs set it off perfectly.

Part your hair into four sections and twist them into a high knot. Secure the bun to your head with a clips and comb out your bangs so they are straight. Be sure to use some pomade on your twisted bun to make it look extra sleek and shiny. You will want to add a bit of pomade to your bangs as well.

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Soft Curls With Bangs

Curls look good on everyone and you can achieve this style with short or long hair. Curls are sophisticated and they don’t take long to do. Start by warming up your curling iron and parting your hair into small sections. Curl each section, including your bangs, and when you are done be sure to shake your curls out. Spray your hair with a finishing spray when you are done.

Side Curls With Bangs

With this style, you will curl your hair to the side, including your bangs. This is a flirty look that is perfect for casual events. It is also easy to do. Just sweep your hair to the side and section off your hair. Curl all the sections, including your bangs, and finish with a sheen spray. Use bobby pins to keep your curls in place and curl your hair in a crisscross pattern.

Pixie With Bangs

If you have short hair, this hairstyle is for you. The pixie look is cute and flattering for almost any face, and short wispy bangs really set it off. This look is also good for older women. All you need is a straight iron and finishing spray for this look.

Black hairstyles with bangs are easy to pull off and they add class to your look. Give yourself a makeover and try some of these styles the next time you feel like a change.

Bangs With Ponytail Black Hairstyle Long Bangs Hairstyles for Women 2016

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Simple Black Hairstyles With Bangs

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