Stop My Hair From Falling Out 2016-2017

I recently got an email from a website visitor on my email list about hair falling out . The subject line of the email read “How Do I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?” being that there were also about 18 other emails that week with the same subject line I thought I’d better address that question specifically.

Here is the email I received from Jason and my answer to his question.

HI, I am 40 years old and am noticing a lot of hair falling out of my head and am freaking out. I’ve read your site and your emails and since you were able to turn your own balding situation around I thought you’d be the person to ask “How Do I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?”

My response:

Hey Jason,

Thanks for the email and before I start I have to say that you remind me a lot of me when I first started researching why my own hair falling out ordeal. That being said, here is exactly what worked for me.

I did a ton of research immediately after my initial panic (I almost shaved my head) when I realized I was losing my hair. I sped through website after website, talked to doctors and to friends and was relieved to find that there were products, treatments and supplements that could stop my hair falling out.

I narrowed it down to just a few products and then went on the personal recommendation by a friend and dermatologist who suggested I bypass all the hyped up product offers and use a treatment called Procerin.

He explained that Procerin contained minoxidil, the only FDA approved treatement that stop hair loss and actually grows new hair. I was given a link to a website that was offering a highly discounted purchase price and a 2 month free supply and I ordered the product online. (it’s still being offered here)

I started doing the treatment which included a topical solution that was dropped on my head with a dropper in the thin areas and then massaged into my scalp twice a day and a dietary supplement that I took once daily.

I didn’t see much result for a week or so and was losing faith and then I made a huge discovery. I started cleaning my pillow of hair every night before I went to sleep so that whenn I woke up I could check for hair falling out. On about day eight (8) I woke up expecting to see the normal pile of loose hair there and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw only 2 or 3 hairs there! This was a first for me.

After that day I stopped losing hair and then with more time I started noticing that my hair was actually regrowing in where it had thinned out. I had mirrors all over my bathroom by this point and a few hand held mirrors as well that allowed me to see my head from all sides and sure enough the hair was growing back in.

As you can see from my photos the change was drastic and after four months of using Procerin no one could even tell that I’d ever had hair falling out in the first place.

For me, this is what happened and if you can relate to my story of panic then I suggest you look into Procerin and get started. In a few weeks you’ll see what I’m talking about and I’m sure I’ll hear from you again thanking me for this information.

If you have any other questions please let me know, I’m more than happy to help!

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ariana grande hair falling out

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I hope I’ve been able to answer a few of your questions here and that if you’re wondering “How Do I Stop My Hair From Falling Out?” you understand that there are hair loss treatments available to reverse the effects of hair loss and pattern baldness.

For me, Procerin worked very well and has changed the way I feel when I look in the mirror at myself. The treatment is proven to work for men and women providing anyone who is willing to try it the chance to end hair falling out and regrow new hair!

Stop My Hair From Falling Out 2016-2017

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