The Best Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls 2017

Braids are an easy and simple way to give your strands a break from styling and protect them from the pollutants and other environmental factors for a few months. Not only will you have a beautiful hairstyle, you will also attract those who appreciate your style by glancing, smiling and nods of approval. A braided hairstyle allows the wearer to express creativity and there are some beautiful braided hairstyles for black girls 2017 that can make your little princess feel like a queen.

The natural thickness of black hair may be a source of frustration for some black women, but why not use this thickness to your advantage by placing the hair in braids. Braids are very versatile, and some of the most popular styles are:

  • Microbraids
  • Cornrows
  • Block braids
  • Tree braids
  • French braids
  • Fishtail braids

Once you have selected the style for your little one, you can braid the hair into one of the desired braided hairstyles for black girls 2017.

There has been research to suggest that braided hairstyles have been worn since 2000 B.C. It is obviously a style that will not go away, and the variety of styles proves that there is something special about this type of style.

Currently, there are some popular braided hairstyles that you can try for your little girl. Mix up the styles to keep your daughter’s hair looking beautiful.

Marley Twists

Black girls with thick long hair can easily recreate this braided, chunky, two twisted style. Even if you do not have naturally long hair, extensions can be added to provide the length and thickness desired. The puffiness of the twists become even more gorgeous as the days go by, and is a beautiful and carefree style.

Wearing Unique Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Wearing Unique Braided Hairstyle

Wearing Unique Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Wearing Unique Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Fight Off Danduff While Wearing Girls Braids Hairstyles

Fight Off Danduff While Wearing Girls Braids Hairstyles

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French Braids

French braids become sassier the larger they become. Braid your little one’s hair into a French braid for a leisurely family weekend getaway or even for picture day, and wait for the compliments.

Updo With Twists And Cornrows

This is the perfect style if your daughter is not sure if she wants cornrows or twists. Easily blend the two styles together to create an intricate, unique and beautiful style.

Braided Crown Bun

This bulky style is a fabulous protective style, and can be quickly pulled together. It looks best on strands that are of various lengths and textures. You can also add hair to help create the fullness of the look.

Chunky Twisted Updo

This is another gorgeous updo style that is perfect for natural hair styling on days that are humid and hot. It allows for frizzy strands while still creating a polished and stunning look.

Cornrows With An Updo

The good thing about smaller braids is that they are versatile and they last for a longer period of time. If you are willing to maintain the same look for a period of time, you can place the cornrows in a French roll updo. This Mohawk will fit a variety of occasions like a workplace or a weekend getaway.

These are just a few of the braided hairstyle for black girls 2017 that you can try on your daughter to keep her styles versatile and evolving. Braids are a timeless style that will be trendy for years to come.

The Best Braided Hairstyles For Black Girls 2017

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